Sewage Water Removal

Sewage cleanup should be done ASAP! Sewage water contains fungi and bacteria that spread through skin contact and inhalation and can cause extremely serious sickness to humans and animals. That’s why sewage damage should be considered an emergency situation and should be fixed immediately!

Water Cleanup Experts have the expertise, skills and specialized equipment to quickly remove sewer water, sewage and mud from both under and inside your property.

Cleanup and Disinfection

Exposure to sewage is dangerous potentially resulting in health problems including hepatitis, skin/eye infection, dermatitis, legionnaires disease, gastroenteritis, asthma, and even fatal damage to kidneys, liver or blood.

Since sewage contains such harmful biohazards, the next extremely important step will be to clean and disinfect all of the infected areas in order to prevent the spread of biohazards such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and mold.

Structural Dehumidification and Material Drying

Sewage damage can lead not only to health-related issues but also to long-term structural damage. To avoid these dangers the drying process has to be thoroughly completed.

Water Cleanup Experts will dehumidify your property quickly ensuring that once we are finished the entire structure is dry and all moisture is successfully eliminated.

We use professional equipment for structural and material drying and specialized tools to uncover any hidden pockets of sewer water and to monitor the dehumidification process.

If the unfortunate event of sewage damage has occurred call us at (716) 694-2424 immediately! 

Water Cleanup Experts will quickly remove sewer water and provide complete restoration & repair services making things right again.

in Erie & Niagara Counties, NY

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