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Water damage in your property can be scary and potentially one of the most significant disasters your home or business could ever face.

It can be a result of weather, frozen/burst/damaged pipes, faulty plumbing, fire aftermath, or perhaps an overflowing dishwasher or burst washing machine hose.

Flooding – even just a small leak – can lead to structural damage, mold, and mildew if not taken care of immediately, especially in our Upper NY weather climate.

Pump Out and Water Extraction

Our team of Water Cleanup Experts responds immediately using advanced equipment and techniques to pump out and extract water quickly and stop/prevent the growth of mold and mildew on your property.

Water will be extracted from your floor, carpet, underlay, and upholstery. Blowers and dehumidifiers are then set up to remove the last bit of moisture to complete the dry-out. 

Removing as much moisture ASAP is crucial to the success of any flood recovery. By using advanced drying methods we can save more wet floors, carpets, roofs and walls to reduce overall repair costs.

Structural and Material Drying

A flood can lead to long-term structural damage and health-related issues. To avoid these dangers the drying process has to be thoroughly completed.

Water Cleanup Experts will dehumidify your property quickly ensuring that once we are finished the entire structure is dry and all moisture is successfully eliminated.

We use top-notch professional equipment for structural and material drying and specialized tools to uncover any hidden pockets of water and to monitor the dehumidification process.

Antimicrobial Treatment and Sanitizing

We will also inspect and analyze the situation using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure your property does not develop microbial and/or mold growth.

We have many years of experience in quickly and efficiently removing bacteria from your property resulting from water damage.

Water Cleanup Experts provide a complete antimicrobial treatment service ensuring your property is sanitized and disinfected properly.

Do not hesitate to have your situation handled by Water Cleanup Experts as soon as possible to make sure the water doesn’t cause any further damage to your home or business!
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