Good Sump-Pumps Equal Dry Basements

One Way Water Cleanup Experts Are Keeping Your Home Safe

Like many other home appliances, a sump-pump requires maintenance. Even with a manufacturer’s warranty, their life can be limited due to excessive use or clogged filters. We offer some helpful tips in maintaining your sump pump, as well as directions on what to do in case of a sump-pump failure.

  • Fill the sump pit to ensure that it turns on
  • Inspect the pump’s float for restriction
  • Clean the breather hole of the discharge
  • Take note of strange sounds coming from the motor

Sometimes, they can fail without warning. In such cases, disastrous flooding may occur. We recommend that you remove or elevate any paper, wood, or metal belongings well above the floor. Only plastic totes or bins may be safe if submersed in water.

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We’ll dispatch a team of water cleanup experts to extract the standing water and resolve the issue of the bad pump. We’ll work with you to dry your property and belongings, getting your life back in order.