Structural Drying Saves Thousands of Dollars in Repairs

Minimally invasive techniques that dry a home faster and better.

Structural drying refers to the methods applied to dry a water-damaged area using special combinations of equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers. Our goal at Water Cleanup Experts is to accomplish this task using industry-approved, minimally invasive measures.

While there are a variety of methods, all share common practices.

Air flow is introduced to the affected area in order to force moisture out of the structure and into the air as vapor. These vapors are pulled into dehumidifiers and condensed back into liquid, then discharged out as waste. Warm, dry air is pushed back out of the dehumidifier and the process is repeated over time.

Drying Concerns

Wall layout or design is taken into account so that we know where to dry. Exterior and interior walls are considered for their drying rates, access, and obstructiveness. First, we will attempt to dry from the outside. However, sometimes when moisture is trapped between walls, we must take the drying process inside them.

Insulation between wall studs does not normally dry, and can dramatically hinder the drying process. We will remove all affected insulation where necessary so that we can get your property back in order faster.

Other considerations are wall trim and coverings. Baseboards may be removed in order to more effectively dry a wall. Certain types of wallpaper are less porous and may consequently prevent good drying inside of wet walls. In such cases our water cleanup experts may remove sections of walls to apply forced air movement.

Floors and ceilings present unique challenges to the drying process. Our technicians may employ special equipment that involves heating pads or duct-work to get the job done. Built-in cabinetry also complicates a drying process. In such cases we may choose to drill small holes in a cabinet and apply forced air. The target is to be effective but also minimally invasive.

These techniques are combined to create a cost-effective and rapid water damage restoration project. Our technicians are always in training to keep up with current practices. We are experienced in all of Western New York’s structural designs and are capable to dry residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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