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Rapid water removal increases your chance of recovery.

In any flood, whether caused by natural disaster or man-made accident, every second of saturation counts. In very little time, water can destroy your property and belongings. That’s why it’s important to immediately evacuate as much moisture as possible. Water Cleanup Experts will generally take 3 steps to get your property—and life—back on track. Rapid Water Removal is the most important part in Mitigating a loss. Knowing what we do keeps you confident in your choice.

Water Cleanup Experts adviser team.

Moisture Detection & Inspection

water removal
water removal tested

Upon arrival, our technicians will attempt to identify the areas saturated with or affected by water. In addition to their eyes and their training, they may employ any number of specialized tools, such as moisture probes, hygrometers, or thermal imaging devices to scope the size of the disaster. Visit this page for more information about moisture detection.

 Water Extraction

Once the affected areas have been identified, we will begin removing the water via a method called water extraction. Using a truck-mounted or electrical portable water removal wand, a powerful vacuum removes any standing water from a surface. We may also apply high pressure to effectively wash the flooded area. This will aid on focusing on complete cleanup to keep 100% satisfaction for every customer.

Anti-Microbial Application After Water Removalwater removal experts

Once the majority of standing water has been removed from an area, an anti-microbial agent is applied to all surfaces for the prevention of mold growth. Citified IICRC technicians properly trained to apply antimicrobial agent on all effected areas we use trusted products from Microban® that specifically designed for  water damage industry.  For more information on this product and MSD, please see the package label.

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