Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Services in Buffalo, NY area.

Water Cleanup Experts  with immediate response, we will begin drying and restoring your property, bringing your life back to normal.

Water damage can be created by a variety of situations: natural or man-made floods, harsh weather conditions, poor structural integrity of a property, and appliance failures all contribute to the most common causes. Despite different circumstances, your path to recovery will generally unfold in the same way.

water damage

Loss Assessment is a part of Water Damage Restoration

Damage assessment will begin when we arrive, a thorough walk-through and assessment will take place. During this time, a technician will lay out a plan of action with you that describes what and how we will mitigate the damage and restore your property. At this time you would contact your insurance company to make a claim for coverage. Our assessment will include photographing, floor plan drawing, moisture measurements, and projected costs.

Extraction and Sanitizing is the key to successful Water Damage restoration

As the first order of business we will work expeditiously to remove any standing water or saturation from surfaces via water extraction. During this time also a crew will be moving your furniture, appliances, and decor to safety. This typically means that we will place special foam blocks under your belongings to keep them from surface water. In rare cases, we may move items to our facility for restoration in a more controlled environment. Once extraction is complete, an anti-microbial agent is applied to all affected areas. This will ensure that bacterial growth which has already begun will be eradicated.

water damage equipment

Drying and Monitoring must be applied at Water Damage Restoration

Special drying equipment will then be deployed in water damage restoration to remove all remaining moisture from affected areas. That includes your furniture, walls, and floors. Large air movers and dehumidifiers will work together to dry out all that is wet for a period of, typically, three to five days. Throughout the drying process, extensive monitoring will be performed by a technician to ensure that moisture levels are actually reducing. This will ensure that your property is being restored, that damage is being prevented, and that we are doing our job well. For more information on the drying process, visit the Structural Drying section.

At Water Cleanup Experts, we know from experience the devastating effects of water damage on your home and to your life. Given that our work is typically performed as emergency services, you as the homeowner don’t always have time to plan for costs. This is why we offer direct insurance billing. We can assist you in contacting your agent to file a claim. We will work directly with your insurance company to define all points of the restoration process, so that you don’t have to worry about who will pay for it.

For immediate help or for questions about our services, please call (716) 694-2424.