Finding the Moisture is Finding the Problem

How Moisture Detection & Inspection Can Help a Western New Yorker

A little moisture problem can go a long way in harming your environment. As true water cleanup experts, we know the value in properly tracing moisture between walls, in ceilings and floors, and in the air. A good inspection helps us to develop a plan for restoring your property.

There are a number of ways to detect moisture in an area. Depending on the situation or access available, we will use some type of a hygrometer. By definition, a hygrometer measures the amount of moisture in the air, known as its relative humidity or RH.

A hygrometer in this form is not useful, so its technology was adapted to fit moisture probesdigital meters, and thermal imaging devices. Each device has benefits and limitations, and for that reason we may employ any of these tools at a time to isolate moisture in your property and to start the drying process.

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Monitoring Progress

By inspecting moisture levels we establish a drying goal. If a hygrometer gives us a relative humidity reading from 0 to 100 percent, we must work to bring that level to a number acceptable for this region of the world. So, if at first arrival we take a reading of 89% humidity in your basement, we may determine that in order to prevent bacterial growth we need to dry the area down to 30% humidity.

These numbers are given as examples and will always differ from case to case, but the principles remain: we establish goals for drying that enable us to give you the confidence of a restored and safely dry property.

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