Complete Recovery from a Water Damage Loss

We’re With You From the Call For Help Until the Thank You Card.

Water Cleanup Experts of the Buffalo,NY Erie & Niagara region will see you through to complete recovery after water damage. We’re not a general contractor, and we’re not just a plumber. Rest assured that from start to finish, we’ll be working with you to restore your property. Here’s how it works.


                 Assessing Your Loss




Upon arrival, a thorough investigation will take place to identify the   cause of damage. We’ll address your concerns about the process to   unfold, and move quickly deploy technicians and equipment to mitigate  your loss.


                Mitigating the Damage

Water damage can be devastating to your property. Our goal is to stop further damage from being incurred. At this phase we may use hot water extraction to remove any standing water. Then, we disinfect all areas to kill bacteria on surfaces and in the air. Once complete, we will install special drying equipment to pull moisture out of the affected areas in order to dry and restore them. In most cases, this process of restorative drying takes 3 to 5 days to complete.

                   Repairing the Damage

We are fully staffed with the right people. If your lighting is damaged by a collapsed ceiling, we have electricians to re-install them safely. We have trained technicians to replace the ceiling, or whatever else may be damaged and in need of repair. With us, all parts of the job are managed under one company. No calling around. No bids to review. We’ll get your property back to the way it was.

                            Insurance Billing

For your convenience, and sometimes as necessity, we provide direct insurance billing. Our coordinators will work with you and your insurer to confirm job costs, and ensure that your policy covers the type of loss. The only out-of-pocket expense is your deductible.

We’re on call 24 hours a day, year-round. We provide an exceptional response time to water damage claims with tremendous success. To get in touch with us about our services, or to call for emergency services, please call us at (716) 694-2424.